Empirical Series

The "Empirical Series" are my annual higher ABV beers intended to be long aged. These beers are supposed to be fun and somewhat experimental - for some I'm not really sure they fit in to any particular style. The idea is to brew one each February, giving each one several weeks in the primary then racking it into a glass carboy for some extended aging. I tend to bottle these batches sometime in the summer and then try to resist opening one until colder weather settles in - I try every year to wait until Thanksgiving, but I usually succumb on Halloween. I have several bottles of each "vintage" in my cellar still with the plan to do a "vertical" tasting at some point.

Each beer is given a Latin name in honor of an influential person from that time in Western history known as "the Age of Enlightenment". During this era there was little separation between science, art, and philosophy. I like to think that my brewing, particularly of these beers, emulates the spirit of that time.

 Year  Name  Style Recipe Tasting Notes
 2013  Mons Aureus (aka David)  Strong Scotch Ale
 2012  Bene Victum (aka James)  Dark Wheat Wine
 2011  Tabula Rasa (aka John)  Imperial Porter
 2010  Lex Naturalis (aka Thomas)  ????
 2009  Sapere Aude (aka Immanuel)  ????

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