Thursday, August 15, 2013

German Pils Tasting

I'll start off by saying that this, my first official lager, turned out great. As long as my cellar and garage temps continue to be low enough I think I will continue to brew one each winter. Now, on to the tasting...

Gartenwasser Pils

Appearance - Clear, pale gold. Thick, foamy white head that persists. Looks like a Pils should.

Aroma - Overall mild aroma. Noble hops and characteristic Pilsner malt "Graham cracker".

Flavor - Moderate bitterness up front that lingers just's there, but could perhaps use more for the style. SOme non-distinct fruitiness - probably from the New Zealand hops. Although they were of noble variety, these hops were noticably more fuity than their German counterpart. Some more noble notes mid-sip. Overall clean and crisp.

Mouthfeel - Crisp and dry, but not thin. Moderate carbonation. Creamy head.

Overall - Excellent beer. Perhaps on the milder side of the style. In fact, a German friend compared it to Warsteiner and said she prefers her Pils more "herber" (she said this is German for "dry/harsh/bitter"). It is well balanced, but, for this style, it could definitely be more bitter. I think it is also a bit fruitier than most traditional Pils thanks to my hop selection. Regardless, it is perfect after mowing the lawn on hot summer day!

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