Brew Log

Here's a complete list of all my batches brewed to date. Brews are in order, with most recent brews at the top of the list. Note: it may take me a little while to get all the older recipes online and, unfortunately, I do not have separate tasting notes for these older brews (though some of the recipe posts will have some of my impressions).

 Name  Style Recipe Tasting Notes
 Sweetwater  English Mild
 Tauwetter  Düsseldorf Altbier
 Snow Day  Smoked Porter
 Abscission Ale  English Brown Ale
 Firefly IPA  American IPA
 Spile Driver  Strong Maple Mild
 Spätfrühling  Düsseldorf Altbier N/A (infected) :(
 Gartenwasser  German Pils
 Snake River Stout  Foreign Export Stout
 Hurricane Graff  Graff (cider-beer hybrid)
 Henry Hall Ale  Brown Ale with cranberries
 Feathertop 2.0  Pumpkin Beer
 Threshing Ale  100% Brett Farmhouse Ale
 Selcouth Stout  Funky Oatmeal Stout
 Sonnenstrahl  Kölsch
 Frühlingstraum  Düsseldorf Altbier
 Cervisia Benedicta  Belgian Tripel
 Gaelic Storm  Irish Red Ale
 Voie du Curé  Wild Yeast Ale
 Kahakai Ale  Blonde Ale
 Sweet Caroline  American Amber Ale
 Vaccinium  Cranberry Sour Ale
 Opening Day Alt  Düsseldorf Altbier &
 Fireside Porter  Smoked Porter &
 Little Rhody Red  American Amber/Pale Ale &
 Mother Rigby  Oatmeal Stout &
 Feathertop  Pumpkin Ale &
 Irreproducible ESB  Extra Special Bitter &
 62 Minute RyePA  Rye IPA &

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